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"My Mooney" Purse

Keep your “mooney” in this rigid cute coin purse with the shape of the Moon. It has a useful strap for holding it easily and a zip closure. Very...

"Save me!" Purse

Save the Earth & Save your Money! Rigid and resistant coin purse in the shape of the Earth. It has a usuful strap for holding it easily and a...

"Cosmic Lovers" Coasters

Create your own universe on your table! Enjoy your brunch surrounded by planets and feel the cosmic energies. In this set, you'll find two couples...

Aries Zodiac Hand Fan

There's always a great plan and an adventure in sight with an Aries! They love freedom and they are independent souls and are always looking for...

Taurus Zodiac Hand Fan

Taurus are the most pragmatic and have very clear ideas about life. That makes them always want to be right, and that's why they are the stubborn...

Gemini Zodiac Hand Fan

Apart from the changeable Gemini mood that we all know, they are the most charming and sociable of the zodiac. They are always looking for new...

Cancer Zodiac Hand Fan

Dear Cancer, you are so sensitive and take everything to heart that they call you the drama queen of the zodiac. If you had to be defined in two...

Leo Zodiac Hand Fan

Leo Leo, what an ego! They have a little bit of an ego... but then they make up for it with their dose of loyalty and good heart. If you had to...

Virgo Zodiac Hand Fan

Dear Virgo, what a way of going over and over things again and again! They always want everything to be perfect! If they had to be defined in two...

Libra Zodiac Hand Fan

Libra's continuous search for balance makes them the most indecisive of the zodiac, yes or no, this or that, so on and so forth, all the time! If...

Scorpio Zodiac Hand Fan

Beware of Scorpios! They have infinite patience and kindness but when necessary, they pull out the sting without thinking about it! If they had to...

Aquarius Zodiac Hand Fan

Aquarius flows like the water symbol of their sign. They are free and rebellious and love to go their own way and not depend on anyone, sometimes...

Pisces Zodiac Hand Fan

Pisces are known to be a bit in their own world, dreaming and thinking about their own things. If they had to be defined in two words they would...

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